Sherri Baptiste

Instant Enlightenment

by David Deida

Instant Enlightenment by David Deida

Anywhere you open up this book it reminds you of what is real and makes it possible for you to come into it, even just a little bit. The name sounds crazy, just another American marketing gimmick and yet David Deida shows again and again that enlightenment is just around the corner of our limitations and he gives complete instructions for ways to overcome them. Some of it will resonate with you immediately and some of it may be a bit too edgy or macabre or sexy. Ah, limits to our love appear everywhere and chances to overcome them are just as abundant. This is a fun down to earth prescription for personal growth and it is highly recommended.

High Praise for Instant Enlightenment:
“Instant Enlightenment? Oh, I assure you, it's not hard to obtain- and it's impossible to avoid. Want to find out why? Dive straight into this book. Open to any page and read for two minutes, and you’ll see that you are instant enlightenment. I'd offer a money back guarantee but I wouldn't have any takers.”—Ken Wilber, noted author, teacher and spiritual guide.

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