Sherri Baptiste

The Yoga of Relationship

by Tara Lynda Guber

Contact by Tara Lynda Guber

This book is beautiful in so many ways it is hard to know where to start raving about it! Contact is a great yoga resource for anyone interested in practicing partner yoga. It is richly photographed by Norman Seeff, full of familiar folks from the worlds of yoga, entertainment and the crossroads of both and it is delightfully written in a joyful fun, inspirational way by Tara Lynda Gruber and Anodea Judith.
     This is a very high quality collaboration that really works. Photographer Norman Seeff has captured the joy, engagement, focus and fun of the various partners shown throughout the book. The full list of yoga luminaries and stars in this book appears below the buy button, but I must admit, the whole idea of star class yogis has taken me some time to get used to. Here it makes perfect sense. This whole book is an ecouragement to explore new territory with friends and lovers and to take a playful comfortable attitude into your yoga practice. Who better to show us how than people who have been having fun demonstrating, teaching and being photographed and videoed doing it for many years? And who besides our own yoga teacher's would we trust more to lead us into this new territory? These folks are having fun while working hard and working together and it is inspirational to see in intimate detail.
     Tara Linda Guber's deep and heartfelt connection to this type of practice comes through on every page. Her overriding concept is that partner yoga can be a vehicle for a multi-level deepening of relationship. Her seven points of contact mirror the chakra system and help anyone who follows them to deal with issues of trust, passion, commitment, love, communication, vision and union in the practice of contact yoga and in relationship in general. Plus her detailed instructions make it easy for anyone, yogi or lay person alike to get started making this contact right away.
     Whether you get the book just to be a lovely adornment and casual read on your cocktail table, or you take the lessons to heart as a foundation for deepening your practice and your relationships, you won't be disappointed.

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