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Yoga Wisdom & Practice

by B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga Wisdom & Practice by B.K.S. Iyengar

This book is wonderful. It combines all the best aspects of his previous works and weaves them into one beautiful offering. The wisdom and personal voice of Tree of Yoga and Light on Life are on full display here, as are the attention to detailed asana instruction of Light on Yoga and The Path to Holistic Health. The design of the book is decorative, colorful and richly textured, so it is a joy to flip through and see.
     There are 3 main sections. The first is Reflections on My Life, where descriptions of poses meaningful to Iyengar are interspersed with personal reminiscences on his beginning in Yoga, gaining notoriety and facing the end of this incarnation. This section is fascinating, inspirational and poignant.
     Light on Daily Practice is next and this longest section, close to 120 pages, starts out with basics like the definition of Yoga, methods, a bit on the Sutras (again interspersed with instruction on appropriate poses) and moves into deeper territory like The Thread of Intelligence, Evolving as a Yogi and The Art of Teaching. Also, included here is a detailed section on pranayama and the bandhas.
     The final 70 page section is A Yogic Approach to Life where issues like Yoga for relaxation and overall health and ethics and a stress free life are explored (again interspersed with detailed descriptions and color photographs of relevant practices).
     Leave it to a Master like Yogacharya BKS Iyengar to produce the first book to fully integrate the theory, practice and personal experiences of Yoga in such an elaborate and beautiful way that is at once thoughtful, thought provoking and deeply instructive.

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